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Hi I am Nick Pulido, thanks for checking me out!!

My Biography:

Truth be told i could share many Stories with you. 

I am a German/American  and intially grew up in a Bavaira, Germany and ran a successful Coaching Business from 2016 – 2017. 

…  In July 2017 I made the Big Move to Chicago – The Windy City

I started out in Door to Door Sales , knocking Doors and learning to sell and moved quickly to starting a Design Business as a Freelancer. 

Through my vast Skill-Set in Sales, Design & Branding, I have specialized myself on building my Branding & Design Business for Power Players

Nikolas Pulido

The BRand Designer

The Focus of every Design Project of any Size or nature will always be to sell, to market or too brand. How can I help you achieve just that!

Check out my comprehensive Client Portfolio and get a Feeling for your Brand!


What is your Style Choice?

Elegance. Enthusiasm. Excitement. 

In my line of Work I had the Privilege to work on amazing Projects, here’s just a random Selection of a variety of Designs from smaller Projects to massive Design Operations. 

Now this will give you a considerable Idea of my Work History, but instead of starring at what I have done for others. 

Let’s see what we can do for you! Shall we begin? 


Production. Performance. Persistence

What is the Definition of Power, to be the Person in Charge? What does it mean to fully immerse yourself with a Subject and dive into your Obsession? 

The Power Zone Podcast is not just a Show, it’s Place where we go to challenge ourselves, push harder & dominate in the marketplace! 

This Podcast is for the People who seek to be in Power of their own Life, their own Business & Career, their own Industry and their own Purpose!

Enjoy the Variety of 1-1 Interviews with established Power Players, amazing Q&A Sessions, Deep Dives into the Branding Business & much more. 

What are the latest Trends in the Branding Business? How do you build your Brand in 2019? 

We operate out of a Co-Working Space “WeWork” in Chicago and I am always excited to connect with Creators & Power Players !


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