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They all do it the same way, “Hey what’s up Nick, what do you do?” I hate that approach, someone could say in regards to that, this just shows curiosity and interest and maybe they don’t know what you do. Usually, I would agree, but for sure not if this someone tries to sell me something without knowing who I am. So, guys, let’s have this conversation 101, I want you to understand we are in 2018. You can’t look up a social media profile, are you kidding me? Or google someone, right now I want you to type in the word “Nikolas Pulido”, you will find everything on the very first page you need to know about me. So if you seriously don’t believe research matters you are wrong! The ideal freelancer, designer, entrepreneur, man or female should follow this strategy. I know this for a fact that the more research you do, the higher is the chance to win the game in building a relationship, getting that date, achieving that goal or making that sale. Since I was a kid, I always read books about crime and how to investigate properly.

As I started later on getting deeper into that subject and working in court and for the District Attorneys Office. I then realized it comes down to research when you want to catch somebody on the spot and I have bee sticking to that strategy ever since.


In my book as a hobby-detective and information addict, I came up with a strategy on how to approach business, relationships & life in general, by no means am I suggesting you should follow this approach. However I do believe you should take parts of it into consideration.

PART 1: Do Research with 80% of your time

Now, what do I mean by 80%, you are in the process of initiating the first contact with a client, a customer, the girl you want to approach. The following strategy separates the rookie from the pro right there. The Pro invests that time into gaining more intel, data, information about this guy so he can position himself properly to give him the right amount of value and in order to establish the relationship.

When it comes to doing Research, there are 3 types of people out there in the field. Let me explain these categories to you really quick:

The Zero Invested “Asshole”:

We all know these people right, they bet on statistics in a very logical way, which is kinda impressive, these people say: “If I target 1000 people, a couple are going to buy from me cause they are idiots”. And quite frankly he is absolutely right, he’s a ccon-artist,a cheater and he uses a mass-marketing approach that doesn’t care about the individual. When talking to him, you know exactly this guy is full of shit and doesn’t care, but be cautious these people are very creative, don’t let them scam you.

An Example: These guys typically make huge promises and promise you they can take your business to 100 Million $ in one day, they tell you this is not a rich quick scam, yet in reality they just want to hide it is in fact one of those deals and when it comes to dating, these guys are the bad guys girls go to bed with and wake up the next day being pregnant, heartbroken and a note on the desk “My mom died and I have to fly to Israel and arrange the funeral.”

The Half-way through guy:

Now these guys and gals, are in fact honorable and they have good intentions, yet they play it wrong and don’t follow a system or a strategy which is the main reason why they are good targets and they may be taken advantage of by the big players at many different occasions. The funny thing is they may be extremely talented in their craft, yet they have poor sales & communication skills and typically they end up getting killed, by either someone who’s more capable or a Trend in Business that puts him out of business.

An example to this guy would be the nice guy who is typically the better choice for a woman, since he is a good dude and typically has good intentions, yet the girl rejects him because he just doesn’t know how it’s done.

The Real Deal:

Now, this dude is the champion of business, typically everybody says “I am this guy “, but in reality, you are reading this you may not be that guy. He knows exactly what he wants, he does the proper research or gets the information from somewhere, tracks the prospect down and collects his bounty. We might as well call him the collector, he doesn’t need to stand out or be super creative like other peers. He is working with the right amount of information and knows exactly what is happening in the market place.

An example for such a person in business and in life might be this one dude, you look up to and always has his stuff together, he’s a leader amongst others and generally people like being with him and he likes people, yet he knows who is and they see him and approach him with respect.

PART 2: Lay down the Strategy with 15%

Strategizing in business is extremely important and I tell you why?

In life, in business, in relationships, in your personal life and any aspect of your life , if you don’t have a clear outcome, a clear strategy of what you are shooting for you will lose. There are 3 core components you will need in order to win in life. You need a strong ambition to win big, a strategy and a clear goal to achieve.

In the following video, I have listed below, my man Patrick Bet-David, explains “the Strategy Quadrant”. I think this video will be extremely important to watch starting out your career in life and especially in business, so check out and share me your insights.

PART 3: Take Action with 5% of your Time

What the hell only “5%”, no no you don’t understand, taking action is the most important part of the process but the reason the actual action is taking a lot less of your time or should, is because assuming you did the homework and have the data, you got the strategy in place, you will win. Everything else is just execution and presenting the data to your guy who will most likely be impressed and feel appreciated because very few people take the time to do it.

And the key difference is that this approach will ensure that this guy will talk about you to others and that is going to cause a ripple effect by establishing the reputation “Hey you know what this guy really knows what he’s doing”.

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