The 3 Degrees to become a Power Player in any Industry and position yourself on TOP and crush the MARKET.


What does it take to become successful? How & where do you get started. After studying the most successful people on the planet, working with Power Players, studying what Steps they took, their History, here is my take on what you must do to effectively condition , position and to take the right amounts of Action.


Success is a Process and a Combination, while you will hear many different Views from Entrepreneurs all across the board, never do they provide a Step by Step Process.

  1. Conditioning -> Develop Perspective > Experience, Education & Execution
  2. Positioning-> Master Skills and gain Altitude in your Craft + Create Relationships
  3. Massive Action-> Production, Performance & Persistency 

Condition yourself first and develop Perspective?

The #1 Reason you will not be successful in Life or in Business, due to the inability to lead yourself , people and understand human nature. In the event that you haven’t watched my latest Video, check it out and leave me a follow on the Instagram.

Anyways, all boils down to Sales, Closing, Leadership & the willingness to CHANGE. 

Ultimately you have to first develop “Perspective”, which is something of high Importance, to understand Viewpoints and Opinions, especially since we all got different ones. 

Why? Are you able to make Sense of the conflicting Viewpoints ? Are you really? 

“Always be mindful of the Fact, that your Perspectives could be wrong and are absolutely contextual and will be proven wrong by someone and right by others.“

When I speak from myself, and turn the time back, to when I was a Kid, nothing in my environment made any common Sense and I didn’t understand why people wouldn’t go out of there way to do whatever it takes and achieve the most out of life. 

For those who don’t know my Story, I grew up in Germany in the middle of nowhere a small Farm Town with 50 people and pretty much all the downsides you can imagine. 

Bad Internet Connection, Bad Traffic Connection, Lack of Resources & Opportunities.

Imagine a kid of mixed DNA, a loner, a kid that was bullied because he was diverse, had a broader intellect then most because he read a lot , with the ambition in his heart to one Day breakout and CHANGE. 

Recently a really good friend of mine has asked me, someone must have believed in you as a kid. Now when I really look back my straight up answer would be “No, nobody believed in me, except good old Uncle Sam ” , that sounds funny right? Well Surely my Parents believed I was capable, I read a lot, I was very perceptive and started selling pencils at 9 years old but not to the extent that I could hit it big.

The reason for that is because early on I had expressed my Opinion that Germany sucked and I didn’t wanted to be poor and be everybody’s Doormat and not validated.

No I wanted to become a Billionaire, like Bruce Wayne and that was always my Focus.

It’s our Nature as humans to share Perspectives, Beliefs, Mindsets & Viewpoints.

Most People have to make sense of the norm, rationalize and find an explanation for our Situation and take a stand, if I may that caused everybody around me to view me as the crazy kid . That’s just how things are and always were, it shows most only care about their own and few about the most and even fewer are able to understand and compress those Perspectives and draw insightful Conclusions.  

Now what most didn’t understand was that as Kid in my book, I was not just a kid walking through life, I grew up with options and a German/American Background. Unlike others I grew up in 2 countries that couldn’t be more opposite and developed a very unique Perspective.

When we translate now to Business, there are so many conflicting Viewpoints and Personalities battling for validation of their Information or Opinion. 

As we move along, in life we all share different levels of perspectives:

  • The One-Dimensional: An Individual of a very strong Conviction about a Subject or a Belief, refusing to accept conflicting Data and demonstrates Unwillingness to change or debate. 
  • The Two-Dimensional: An Individual that approaches situations where a choice or decision has to be made in a black & white manner. 
  • The Multi-Dimensional: An Individual that is open to different Viewpoints and incorporates one dimensional and two dimensional thinking with the difference that he or she can see why others would go a different route because he can tap into different emotions. 

#1 Exercise: Which Dimensions are you tapping into, let go of your own Ego and consider you might be wrong, doesn’t make the path you choose wrong but your way is not perfect for everybody. 

Develop Perspective through Experience, Education & Execution

Being able to understand, communicate , reverse rolls, sell or negotiate deals, boils down to having a multidimensional Perspective, since you have to understand your prospect. 

Experience is the greatest Teacher - but purely Situational, Environmental & People Based

Experiences shape our Perspective , more so our Outlook on Life and navigate us through Life and encourage our prohibit us from making a good Decision. 

Fact is, Experiences are vital but purely contextual and may only be validated by the sum. Do the Test yourself, go through the reviews on Amazon, you are going to find bad and good ones, doesn’t mean they are right. It’s a matter of context.

The 3 different Forms of Experiences we encounter :

  • Situational : We experience Circumstances and witness it actively or passively which leads to an outcome that is followed by an ingrained Perspective. 

#2 Exercise: The best way to challenge yourself and grow your Experience is to seek Discomfort and pursue Targets you are intimidated or scared off, wheter thats being vulnerable, cold calling or asking the magical person out, you have to confront the Situation head on.

  • Environmental: We all grow up or find ourselves in different environments and based on that form opinions and develop Perspectives, yet it’s important to evolve and seek new challenges.

#3 Exercise: The best Way to grow is to travel and learn different cultures, change your environments, quit staying at the same place for all too long. Upgrade your Office, Travel the World and expand your Horizon, especially when you are young. 

  • People Based : We need a Tribe , a Clique , a Team but be careful here, people make us and break us. The right ones will elevate you, the wrong ones will bring you down, yet most are afraid to take the chance and expand their network and introduce themselves to a new audience.

#4 Exercise: Introduce yourself to more People and seek new Connections, find new Teammates, Partners, Friends. Challenge yourself by connecting up with people above yourself & stay open minded to new connections.  

Education is Instrumental but referred to in the Development of a Skill or Skill-Sets, and Knowledge of specific Subjects which results in a Level of Expertise

While Perspective comes from different sources, one thing that is going to influence your View, is your level of Education.

Yet be careful, in this Section I associate Education with the Development of a Skill or Skill-Sets whether these are Technical, Creative, Analytical, Communication or Operational Skills you bring to the Table, not with a College or University Degree.

We are talking about Practical Education that you can apply and develop by doing. The very next Thing that falls in Line with that is the Level of Expertise you have in special Industry. 

#5 Exercise: Educate yourself, by learning and developing new Skill-Sets in being a practitioner in the field, as well as gaining a level of expertise around your industry. 

Execution is the most vital to get to the next Level and to gather Perspective

Now we all know in order to achieve any level of Success or Accomplishment we must execute but what happens if we don’t or just can’t? 

Most will be quick to blame laziness, careless or ever heard “I am a Perfectionist” , that’s quite frankly all HORSESHIT!

What are the ACTUAL Reasons you will and might not execute: 

  • You don’t have the knowledge 
  • You lack the Belief & Confidence in yourself
  • You lack Self-Discipline 

This is really all it is and to get to any level you must identify when that situation happens and you find yourself procrastinating, ask do you really know enough to finish?

#6 Exercise: Don’t buy into Distractions, rather than that isolate the issue and ask yourself why it does happen and put measurable steps into place to fix your lack of knowledge, belief & discipline.

What is your Position & Level of Mastery ?

There are so many qualified and special skilled Individuals in the marketplace yet most forget to pay attention to the 2nd degree of becoming a Power Player.

You have to completely immerse yourself in Mastery of your Craft within your Industry, devote yourself to become THE ABSOLUTE BEST at the Thing you do. 

You have to become so incredible valuable that you become a Recommendation to others, working with you should be Common Sense. 

#7 Exercise: Commit yourself to a Craft, gain massive Altitude in that Space to the point that you can predict outcomes and situations, as well as dominate your Position in the Marketplace 

A very crucial Step in the Branding Game is Association, who do people think of when they think of you or better , do people think of you when they are communicating with a fella Player in the Game. 

You have to be seen and position yourself with Power and constantly create, maintain and build out new relationships with Key Players, that can connect you or direct Power Players.

#8 Exercise: Create & Maintain meaningful Relationships with established Power Players & influential Key Players.

How high do you produce & perform every Day!

At what level do you produce every single day? How many Deals do you work out every day? How many projects are you getting done? When and at what time are you showing up in the office? 

Most will not have the grit and the Commitment to show up at those times, that’s your time to shine and work while others aren’t. 

#9 Exercise: You have to be produce at massive levels through high Volume of Sales & working Deals. You have to show constant Engagement with your Followers, Clients, Customers, Prospects & contribute with Service. 

Performance is something you have to work on every single day, how fast can you be, deliver the highest & best quality of Work and set higher expectations. 

#10 Exercise: You have to deliver Quality in all your Efforts and dominate with the best Service Value of all and the highest Attention to detail. Speed is essential in Execution 

Persistency in all Efforts is the instrumental key to success, you can’t fail when you don’t stop and continue to produce, to work and to do this every day !

#11 Exercise: You have to show up every Day before everybody else is on the Spot, don’t quit, don’t stop and never settle for anything. 

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