About Nikolas Pulido

The Creator behind the Brand?


The key to Success in any endeavor is a combination and that may be rare to find. Think of a creative Designer or a Marketing Agency you may used to work with? Did they really understand your business? That’s why people work with me, it’s my obligation to provide you with the best Customer Care possible.

High Class Branding

Branding is a Communication Form, yet essential for your Success in 2019, so let’s put a Storyline together!

Innovative Design

Crazy. Creative. Courage.

Let’s design an image that will translate Prospects into Buyers and brand you as the service in the marketplace.


I started my career out in Sales from Door/Door, to B2B Sales. Every business works in a different way, I want to find out more about yours so we can custom tailor it to your Needs.

Time comprehension

Efficiency is the keyword, compress time by focusing your time on what matters and let us take care of the things you don’t want to do!

My Storyline

I am

I am a German/American student of life, I grew up in Germany and started out as a young hungry Salesguy at 8 years old, I started selling Pencils in kindergarten.

Entrepreneurship is what I live for!

…  In July 2017 I made the Big Move to Chicago – The Windy City

I started out in B2C Sales and moved quickly to starting a Design Business & launched a successful Podcast. Through my entrepreneurial Ventures in Coaching, Media and the Sales Industry, I have specialized myself on Branding & Advertising. 

My Core Talents & Skill-Sets
Branding & Growth Hacking 72%
Brand & Graphic Design 82%
Guerilla Marketing & Omnipresence 65%

I help Power Players to expand & build their 10X Brand!

We offer the All-In Solution for Branding Starters to get their name out there in the Marketplace, be seen as the Professional , be approached with Respect and become a Market Leader that sets the Trend!



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