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This Article is dedicated to Britton Costa, the author of the Leadership Code, a friend and mentor. You are a man I look up to and especially after studying your content and your book connect with on much deeper level.

Let’s get started – The Introduction:

The Essence of becoming a Leader, is to become someone that inspires and that leads the Situation with dignity and grace.

No matter where we started, in life we all, from growing up to finding ourselves in the marketplace, we as People look for Leaders & Mentors to either live up too or to find guidance and a place of comfort in someones shadow to be protected and being lead in the right direction.

But what does it mean to be a Leader?

I for my part used to believe that being a Leader has to involve leading other people and taking on huge responsibilities and as I was actually completely intimated by this overwhelming task, as I am sure most can relate, I avoided that issue out of Fear of Failure or Judgment.

As it’s said, if you want to go fast run alone, if you want to move further lead a Team of quality people and you’ll succeed big time, or something like that.

That Statement regardless of its accuracy couldn’t be further from the Truth. Leadership doesn’t start with a Team, it starts alone with oneself.

Recently a good friend of mine Britton Costa, sent me his book “The Leadership Code”, thank you so much for that by the way. It astonished me how he outlines his journey to becoming a Leader and what it takes to manage the daily struggles life throws at us.

I quickly came to realization, everything in life, whether it’s getting your first client, falling in love or even becoming a LEADER. It all starts with YOU, you have to be your first Client, your first Love and the LEADER of your own Life.

When you master to lead with yourself first and then pass on what you learned, you’ll move quicker and faster and avoid those ugly pitfalls & traps, most of us try to avoid.

The Untraditional Review – Why Leadership Code?

Reading. Sales. Leading , that has been my theme from an early age whether that was by flipping pencils and exporting goods from the U.S to my German Peers in Elementary School or getting elected to President of the Student Council and debating on national Levels in German Politics and in Court as a Criminal Investigator.

But in process of finding myself and developing my potential I lost touch with being a leader, from being a very skinny kid overconfident at 12 years old volunteering to lead , to all of the sudden diminishing my capacity, why cause of age and uncertainty.

The Concept of Leadership has always intrigued me and since I lacked the knowledge and never had a real role model growing up, if you don’t consider movie stars, you develop your own ideas, right or wrong but we as humans are known for making stuff up!

Fun Fact: I used to pretend to be sick on every single Birthday and skipped School, just so I could read in Silence. True Story, haha. 

Today more than ever, we all are looking for deeper Fulfillment and that manifests itself in 2 ways, to be part of something and take some sort of Accountability (aka Leadership) or to start something on your own and become a Leader in that regard, in your Business and start your own Deal.

But where do you start ? Is there a Rulebook or a Blueprint?

Turns out it is, as I studied Brittons Books, he brought me very close to where I actually started and what went wrong, this pretty much applies to all of us.

How were you as kid and who did you wanted to become, he clearly puts light on the things that matter, the essentials, the foundation of getting it all right.

The lies that others have told, the principles someone must apply and challenges that we need to overcome. But why is that important, someone might ask.

I will admit that reading his book, has brought me closer to becoming a Leader I always wanted to become and at some point I had paused to pursuing that mission. Without guidance or the right knowledge you will either fail over and over again or end up quitting.

I was the first one, who couldn’t quit since it’s not my nature and gets busted up, I am probably a unicorn and a bit crazy. But is this necessary?

But there is a Code and with Brittons Encouragement and Wisdom, as with his Experience around this Topic I was able to reverse engineer to asses my weaknesses .

Leadership is for sure a strong word and we all must face the Challenge at some point, I will encourage you the Reader to get clear on who you need to become to start your Journey on becoming the Leader you were meant to be.

And get Brittons Books that’s for sure, seriously his Book will put a new Spin on your Perspective of how to lead and what principles to apply, from leading yourself, to leading a team within your Business.

Britton thank you so much for bringing this Book to the marketplace , it helped me get clear on my Leadership Abilities and put me back on Track on where I must go in my life to get to the next level. 

My Evaluation of – The Leadership Code:

“The Leadership Code opened my eyes to where it starts and what path to follow, it is a Lead Magnet to oneself true nature and I inherently believe when you take time and go through the chapters you too will unlock the Code”

by Nikolas Pulido – The Brand Designer for the Power Players of Tomorrow!

My thoughts on Leadership on todays Culture:

From a mindset perspective, we all like to follow leaders that support our Dreams and bury our fears behind their seemingly endless confidence & experience. We love to follow movements that express our Values & Opinions.

Now in 2019 that couldn’t be more important, I have seen quite a lot of compelling movements from the 10X Rule lead by Grant Cardone with his emphasis on getting a master at Sales and to constantly push harder. The YesTheory Channel with its international movement lead by Millennials of seeking Discomfort. The List is long, the question is…. What’s the new Leadership Movement?

Isn’t it about time to set a new Trend? Perhaps it’s time to GRUSTLE. 






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