Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Most frequent questions and answers

How Can I get started? - The way to do Business

Just reach out and take the first step, utilize our brand new live chat and we’ll get you started with a Free 1 hour Brand Call and offer 25% for First Time Buyers. Alternatively you can book an appointment at: https://bookme.name/nikolaspulido


What Information do you need from me?

To get the best out of your Deal, we encourage consisten Communication. Based on Projects, we will show you Concepts and collect the Intel we need and give you recommendations on what will work.


What Services do you provide

As a Brand Designer I am specialized in Branding, Graphic & Motion Design & Advertising. For a complete list of my services, please see the Service Section.

How do you design and what tools do you use?

All Designs are handcrafted and have my personal attention at all times. I work with Adobe Creative Cloud Software and macOS Mojave, from my Professional Design Studio in Chicago. We utilize high-end equipment used by professional Studios to ensure High Quality in our Work.  

What is the Turnaround time for my project? - On Demand

Depending on the Project Size, we deliever most orders within 3-4 Business Days, this will be clearly stated as we proceed in the Order Process. If you are in demand for a shorter processing time we can speed up the Process with our On-Demand Fees.

The First Project - What happens next?

With the first Project we generally take that as an Evaluation for future Collaboration. I will have a Sit-down with you to identify your Needs and what’s happening in your Business. We will agree on Terms & Project Value and get right to work. 

Is a Deposit Required ? - Big Projects

For Small Prized Products and Deals we either bill all upfornt or after product delievery. For Bigger Projects over 1K$ we demand 25% Upfront Deposit. 

Do you offer a Branding Retainer?

Right now the Branding Retainer is available upon Application. For more Information contact us.

When you qualify for our Special Options we’ll hook you up on a custom Retainer Plan where you will pay a straight Monthly Fee.

For the first Month there’s an upfront Deposit required. 

How will I be billed? - Payment Options

All Payments will go through Paypal Invoicing or our Electronic Booking System. 

How can I join the Referral Program?

We are currently working on the electronic system where you can sign up and earn Comissions on Deals pass on to me. For now all Comissions will be paid through PayPal and depend on Deal Size and Length of Contract.