On-Demand: Motion Logo

The Motion Logo includes:

  • Highly Animated Logo File as mp4.File
  • Animate any Logo of your choice with a custom Graphic


We accept most common Payment Providers.


⏱Delivery within 3-4 Days after Order (depending on Order Workflow)

📑The Design Process:

  1. Sketching out the Animation in After Effects
  2. Creating Custom Motion Graphics
  3. Animating Logo File
  4. Overlaying Special Effects & Graphics
  5. Exporting & Polishing Logo Animation

📥Requested Information : 

  • Original Logo File as a Vector File AI. or PSD.
  • 2nd best choice (file as a transparent png or jpeg)
  • Q1: What will the Logo be used for?
  • Q2: What Animation & Design would you like to go for?
  • Q3: Would you like a Simplistic Design or a more Sophisticated Design?

⚠️Delivery Files: 

  • The Motion Logo File will be delivered as a transparent mp4. file (including the Source File in After Effects )
  • You can use that in any Video or motion-based design

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» 📆 Book your Appointment: www.nikolas-pulido.com/booking


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