On-Demand: Podcast Visualizer

The Podcast Visualizer Story includes:

  • The Animated Base Template is built on an Intro | Visualizer | End Screen (CTA)
  • Available for in Story Mode or Square Mode
  • Length of the Visualizer is recommended at 30 Secs
  • Podcast Visual Edits take around 15-30 Minutes

» This Visualizer is fully designed in Adobe After Effects and designed to fit your needs.

*For Regular Podcasters, pick your Package and save yourself the hassle of podcast promotion and let us to the edits shortly after you launched the Show




We accept most common Payment Providers.


⏱Delivery #1: The Creation of the Base Template takes up to 3 – 4 Days (depending on Workflow)

⏱Instant Delivery with Visual Edits: 30 Minutes Duration (due to Rendering Process)

📲Podcast Visualizer Blueprint (Built on a Motion Background)

  • 1. Intro Scene (Cinematic Opener with Logo in Combo with Visual & Sound Effects)
  • Transition (Glitch, Glass, Fire, Ice, Smoke, Wind, Fireworks, Blur…)
  • 2. Podcast Visualizer (Audio Track, Sound Music, Visual & Sound Effect)
  • Transition (Glitch, Glass, Fire, Ice, Smoke, Wind, Fireworks, Blur…)
  • 3. Call to Action (Social Media, Listen to the Podcast, Subscribe & Review)

* The Main Purpose of the Visualizer is to provide an intriguing Snippet that leads them to listen in.

📑The Design Process:

  1. The Creation of the Visualizer starts with Planning & Sketching of the Order (What Animations to use and how to present them)
  2. Concept of the Podcast File
  3. Step1: Motion Background & Composition Effects
  4. Step2: Intro Scenes, Visualizer Draft & CTA
  5. Step3: Overlaying Effects & Transitions
  6. Step4: Change Title & Audio Track
  7. Step5: Finished

📥Requested Information : 

  • Preferred Soundtrack for the Show & Visual Effects (Nothing is Impossible)
  • Podcast Cover & Branding Elements, if created by someone else.
  • Q1: What’s your Vision for the Podcast Show? (Overall professional appearance)
  • Q2: Which Audience are you trying to attract? (affects the length of the clip)

⚠️Delivery Files: 

  • The Podcast Visualizer File will be delivered in an MP4 (Available in 1920×1080 or 1080×1080)
  • Optional: Access over the Source File in After Effects

» 📞 For more information, call us at 708.965.0629 or email us at contact@nikolas-pulido.com

» 📆 Book your Appointment: www.nikolas-pulido.com/booking

Additional information

Podcast Visualizer Packages

1 Visualizer, 5 Visualizer, 10 Visualizer, 15 Visualizer, 20 Visualizer, 25 Visualizer, 30 Visualizer


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